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With over ten years working within the health industry, a focus on Chronic Pain, Sports Physiotherapy, and Women's Health, our team will work with you to get the best out of your body. We use thorough assessment, hands-on techniques, plus tailored education and advice to keep you MOVING!

It is in the name, our goal is to empower you to move, in your way.

We aim to be solution-focused and collaborative  to help you to understand and trust your body through a range of physiotherapy, clinical pilates and massage services.

We are committed to quality and excellence in everything we do.  At Move we are passionate about physiotherapy, learning, and ongoing development.  It drives us to provide the highest quality care for you.

We don't just work on your body, we also help you to understand and learn from the latest physiotherapy research.

What People Say

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After bulging 2 discs in my lower back & pressed nerve roots I honestly thought I’d never be moving pain-free again. Jess gave me exercises to do at home and suggested a tailored Pilates routine.  I actually can’t believe I’m writing this, I’m pain-free and I’ve even started running again. 

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Jess has made exercise something I look forward to.   By doing pilates at Move my partner and I are stronger and fitter than ever.  Jess helped me understand pain and helped me get back to what I love.

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Jess is incredibly knowledgeable, compassionate and thorough in her approach. She took the time to investigate my mysterious knee injury in great detail, seeking to understand my experience of it and my needs and goals surrounding it.  Jess ensured that the guidance and treatment she offered was realistic for me and I’ve seen a marked improvement as a result


At Move we value you, and are passionate about evolving our care to better suit your needs.

Get in touch - let us know how what you think

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