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Clinical Reformer Pilates


Reclaim Your Body's Strength & Flexibility with Clinical Pilates in Geelong

We understand the frustration that comes with pain, stiffness, or feeling "out of whack." At Move Sports Physiotherapy & Clinical Pilates in Geelong, we're dedicated to helping you regain confidence and freedom in your movement.

Our friendly and experienced team of physiotherapists and exercise physiologists specialize in clinical pilates, a personalized exercise approach designed to address your unique needs. Whether you're managing chronic pain, dealing with a neurological condition, or simply aiming to enhance your flexibility and core strength, we've got you covered.

Here's what sets Move Clinical Pilates in Geelong West & Newtown apart:

  • Empowering you: Our mission is to empower you to take charge of your movement journey. We'll collaborate with you to understand your body and create a tailored program that delivers results.

  • Expert guidance: All our classes are led by qualified physiotherapists or exercise physiologists who have undergone additional training in Clinical Pilates. You'll receive expert guidance every step of the way.

  • Inclusive environment: Many of our clients experience pain, hypermobility, or neurodiversity, or have had less than ideal experiences when exercising. We foster a supportive and inclusive environment where you feel comfortable and heard


Explore Our Clinical Pilates Options:

  • Private Sessions: Get personalized attention and a program tailored specifically for you.

  • Small Group Classes: Enjoy the benefits of a supportive environment with personalized instruction. 

  • Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Classes: We cater to all levels of experience. 

  • Mat or Reformer Class Options: Choose from a variety of equipment-based classes to suit your preferences.

Clinical Mat Pilates with Jess from Move Sports Physio helping a client through movement

Ready to Move Freely Again?

Contact Move Sports Physiotherapy today to begin your Clinical Pilates journey. We require an initial movement assessment to understand your body and needs thoroughly, ensuring a well-rounded, safe, and personalized approach. Additionally, check out our informative blog posts on "Physio Facts" and FAQs & Fees to empower you on your movement journey!

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Class Timetable for Move Sports Physio


Clinical Pilates with a physiotherapist

Our Team

Our team strives for excellence and has completed further training to offer you specialised, physiotherapy care.  We will collaborate with you and your healthcare team to get the best outcome. 

Our team values:

  •  evidence-based care movement,

  •  active treatment approaches and

  • person-centered care


We specialise in helping people who live with chronic pain or injury and provide a supportive environment to help you get moving and stay moving.

    All treatments provided at MOVE can be claimed through your private health, We offer HICAPS facilities at all of our clinics for Private Health & Medicare instant rebate payments. We accept credit card (Visa & Mastercard). We do not normally offer credit on account payment. Patients may be eligible for a rebate from Medicare under the Chronic Disease Management (CDM), however this must be in place and initiated by a GP before treatment commences. For TAC, Workcover, and NDIS (self-managed) we require upfront payment for you to then seek reimbursement.
    At MOVE we offer you the option to to book and pay online, an invoice will be sent to your email, allowing you to claim the session with your private health. You can also call and book over the phone. If we miss your call - please leave a message we will get back to you ASAP.
    At Move we really value time, both yours and ours. Being efficent with our appointments gives us time to research and stay abreast of all things Physio and Pilates. Our cancelation policy supports and respects the time commitment of our clients and our team. If you cancel more than 24hrs notice there is no charge to you. However a few days in advance is great, so we have the ability to rebook for other clients waiting to fill your spot. If you cancel or rebook with less than 24hrs notice there will be a charge of 50% of the scheduled fee. If you fail to attend your appointment 100% fee will be charged.
    Not sure what you need? Book a session or call and have a chat! The team at MOVE will be happy to point you in the right direction.
    Pilates is a method of exercise therapy that develops control and endurance of the whole body, which improves flexibility, and builds strength. At MOVE we use the reformer, tower and other equipment to guide movement, develop core strength, improve balance, coordination and control. Jess is an internationally trained Clinical Pilates Instructor. She completed her Clinical Pilates education in Vancouver Canada and has practised as a Clinical Pilates instructor within Sporting Clinics in Canada and Australia. Jess is passionate about helping you to move in all settings of your life and can provide strategies, techniques and specific exercises so you can transition your Pilates exercises into a home program. At MOVE we offer both individual sessions and small group Pilates. Exercises are always tailored to your needs, your goals and level using a combination of reformer, trapeze and other equipment.
    In light of the recent pandemic, MOVE has continued to offer telehealth physiotherapy and pilates. WHAT TO EXPECT TELEHEALTH ? You will need a laptop, phone or ipad with internet connect. We use zoom platform. Just before your session we will send you an email with a link to join the telehealth session. Sessions will be approx 45min and we will provide assessment, diagnosis and a treatment plan post session. You can book and pay online, just like normal. CAN YOU CLAIM ? This is an evolving space, the Australian Physiotherapy Association is liasing with insurance providers to clear up rebates for patients utilsing telehealth services. WHAT CAN WE TREAT ONLINE? Back pain, neck pain, recent acute injury, or trainning for an event? Do you need loading and exercises advice, all of this can be completed online - if you are worried or unsure - please get in touch !
    Why don't you book a free 15min phone consult? You will recieve a call from one of our experienced physiotherapists and we can get to know each other and if we will be a good fit.
    We will spend time getting to know you and your goals. The initial assessment will be a series of questions, tests, and some manual techniques to understand what is going on and where to next. This session may also include hands on techniques, some exercises or a rehab program. This can be completed at home or in the gym and a plan for your recovery will also be included to get you moving in the right direction. What to wear – loose fitting clothes. If you are experiencing pain when you are running or jumping it is generally recommended you wear the shoes you normally do when you complete the activity. After the appointment you will recieve a treatment summary - what we found, a working diagnosis and a plan to move forward.
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Book Now

Need help with making an appointment?

Our Admin Team at Move is here to assist. If you are having trouble booking online or would prefer a different method, please reach out to us on any of the contact methods below:

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