Our Services

At MOVE we offer longer appointments to allow time to get to know you, your body and your needs. 

We see movement as central to your health and well-being and our goal is to help you not only experience pain-free living, but ultimately improve the way you function.


We generally recommend at least a 45 minute or 60 minute session for an initial assessment to allow for a thorough and comprehensive session.   You can book online the bottom of the page or  learn more about the services we offer.


Assessment, diagnosis and a plan to get you moving in the right direction.

We are trained and skilled in assessing the body holistically to diagnose not only your condition but the underlying cause.  This may also include hands-on treatment, a personalised exercise program and correspondence to your treating team. 

Clinical Pilates

MOVE uses state-of-the-art clinical pilates equipment, reformer, catalac and tower to help you get stronger, more flexible, and more confident in your body.  We offer physiotherapy led clinical pilates to empower you to move again.

Pilates can also improve your fitness, strength, endurance and movement.  

Group Introduction to Pilates 6 Week Course

Do you want to get to know your body better,  get stronger and more flexible?   

After a few weeks of doing Pilates at Move Sports Physio & Pilates,  you will notice an improvement in your strength, flexibility, core control, understanding of your body, and balance.   Programs are individually modified to your needs and ability.     Our six-week course may also help with weight loss and provides a great way to re-introduce movement back into your life.


For a more passive approach to therapy, we provide specialised hands-on soft tissue techniques, deep tissue, remedial and relaxation massage.   

We use different massage techniques to optimise performance, relieve pain and stiffness, to create an overall sense of well-being. 


Our goal is to re-energise, revitalise and rejuvenate the body.

Dry Needling

At Move Sports Physio, we are qualified to administer dry needling, which has been shown  to reduce pain and muscle tension.  tissue or an inflammatory response.

We use dry needling in conjunction with soft tissue techniques, joint mobilisation, and deep tissue massage to help you move again. 


Physiotherapy services are covered by the NDIS.  Physiotherapy can exist in various sections of your NDIS plan, as a core support or as capacity-building support.

We value collaboration and respect and work closely with your team to support you in your independence. 

Education Sessions

MOVE is proud to be an official netball program provider. Contact the clinic to find out about education to player groups, parent education, taping information sessions and injury reduction strategies to assist your team to maintain low injury rates and a high performance.

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