Looking to improve your fitness or function ?

Clinical Pilates is a great place to start!

Pilates is a whole body exercise specifically designed to strengthen your body, while providing muscle flexibility & joint mobility. It promotes balance muscle development and efficiency of movement while focussing on breath, mindfulness and control.


Pilates has many benefits:

  • Improve core strength and stability

  • Improve joint mobility and stability

  • Improve posture

  • Injury prevention and rehabilitation

  • Enhance balance and coordination

  • Improve body & mind connection

At Move, we offer 1:1 movement assessments, specialized clinical pilates sessions and currently 

Private Health rebates available with physiotherapy led exercise sessions. 



Currently not available due to COVID-19 face to face clinic closure. 

This is due to social distancing recommendations,  we have chosen to keep you and our community safe. 

Telehealth physiotherapy sessions available and online group Pilates sessions.   


Group 50min session





1:1 session 50 min 


2:1 Session 50 min


$47.50 each


Due to COVID-19, our main focus is to keep you and our community safe, we are currently offering small outdoor group physiotherapy led exercise sessions (weather permitting) (3 people in group max).  

Larger  group pilates coming soon. 

Email us for details.